My new thing…PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!

So I’ve been testing my hand at photography lately and these are some of the results of my experiments. I really don’t know where to start, as far as describing how this came about. Its like its always been something that I wanted to try but on the other hand it hadn’t. I’ve never really given photography any thought until recently. A friend of mine suggested we go half on a camera and the rest is history. What I can say though, is that I’ve always been visually creative. I used to illustrate my own comic books when I was in school & I was interviewed on tv for a sculpture I did at age 14, so to me this isn’t too far off.

These pictures are from a photo shoot I did for a new line of jewelry called “Made By AG” that boasts LIGHT WEIGHT, trendy women’s earrings, of a variety of shapes and sizes. And as I’m made aware, a lot of women have the problem of their favorite earrings stretching the ear lobe. In light of that problem these would be a breath of fresh air. You can check out some more of “Made By AG” by clicking the name and It will take you to the website.

Make up by Angel Cherry

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