Jonny Go Figure at Thrash Bar

So my dude Jonny go did a show at Thrash Bar a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to post up the pix. It was a dope show man. This dude does his thing when he gets on stage…AND THE BAND IS TIGHT!!

Thrash 1

Jonny Go doin his thing on stage…

Thrash 2

Jonny Go and (Me) Architect

Thrash 3

Poe Picasso Jonny Go and Architect (me) GOD GIVEN chillin in a cool spot after the show.


Posing for the cam with some friends, Jonny Go Figure and his band (The Brooklyn Blokes)

From left to right: Amu (Bass), Ray, Keita (Guitar), J Woods (Drums), Poe Picasso, Architect, Jonny Go
Ladies from left: J Bottoms (HERo), Khadija

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