Unmarried Black Women

I saw this video some time ago that spoke on black women and why so many of them are unmarried and/or single. While watching the video they mentioned that black women out numbered black men significantly. Which means that if every black woman in America were to marry a black man, there would still be a lot of women left without a black partner. With that said, they began to point out a few things that eliminated black men from being possible partners for the women. Some of which were the increasing number of black men in prison, already married or gay.

There was one eliminating factor that puzzled me that was mentioned. A factor that was preventing black women from marrying black men was the lack of a High School Diploma. When I heard this, yes…I was a little puzzled, but what really bothered me was that THIS WAS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF THE PIE! According to this report Black Men without a high school diploma or equivalent, is the biggest reason why black women are single. I couldn’t stomach that.

I can’t see how HSD or GED affected a man’s potential as a man. So I conducted a small survey of my own just to see If this was really the mind set of black women. Unfortunately, for a lot of ambitious black men out there, IT IS! Drifting back to the video for a second. Some the women had these superficial and in my opinion ridiculous barriers like; their men had to be 6’5″ (as opposed to the more traditional just being taller than her), and I found that MANDATING a HSD fell right in that category of superficial barriers.

A lot of the women said that HSD means better job, better life etc. when in reality a HSD means nothing to a potential employer more so than whether or not the man can do the job. I will go further to say that a close family friend, at one point owned three businesses before he sold two to concentrate on 1 to made that business bigger, all of which he did without a HSD. I can even go on to mention celebrities that have come up with out that piece of paper that are doing far better that a lot of people with it.

My point is, a person should be judged upon their own potential and ambition, NOT on whether or not they have a HSD. There are countless reasons why a person may have dropped out of school. 1) of which could be to take care of his family. Therefore I will conclude in saying that Black Women that wont give a Black Man the chance based on something as trivial as that is the actual reason why so many are single. Not because the man is a failure because it is proven on a daily basis that failure in school doesnt equal failure in life and I believe that ultimately success in life is what counts. So how about we give each other a chance and stop inventing reasons why we shouldn’t love each other? Lets try that for a change, as a people.

I hope I opened some eyes and minds with my perspective.

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