Poe “Inspiration” (Video Shoot)

Insp 3
Today we wrapped up shooting for Poe Picasso’s “Inspiration” video directed by Rez. I’m really excited about this video. Throughout the shooting of the video, we toured Brooklyn, showcasing some of the key points, neighborhoods and attractions in bk.
Insp 2
We did A LOT of places including the Manhattan Bridge, and other key locations. Inspiration is a song from Exhibit B: Manifest destiny that was produced by yours truly. If you haven’t yet d/l your copy of Exhibit B, u can check under “albums” on the side for the link.
Insp 4
Back to the shoot, I was on set since day one helping out and getting all the behind the scenes footage of the shoot. Footage that I’ll present to y’all soon, so stay tuned. This video is purely bk and when y’all see it, y’all will know what I mean.
Insp 1
I’d like to thank everybody who was apart of this whole experience. All the people that came out to show support and make cameos. ITS BROOKLN BABY!!

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