Preparation for… The Pill

As I’ve been mentioning on my twitter since Jan 01, 2010… IT’S COMING! This is the one event that will change the course of A LOT of events for the rest of the year at least. A meteor is slated to hit this summer. This wont be a big meteor thoogh its about the size of a “pill”. It will be enough to create the damage necessary…
Well in the mean time, this is the preparation…
*Deep movie announcer voice*
“In a world… where fear and turmoil is the aim of the game. Where the radio is oversaturated with garbage. ONE MAN!!!! will stand above all others…” Lol
Aye, Let me cut the bull. Check me out record shopping for my album “The Pill” coming out this summer. I keep inststing that this is gonna be the sh*t but I think I’m going to stop saying that. I’ll give y’all a release date as soon as I get one. Just know that I’m working tirelessly on this for y’all. I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
By the way… I will be releasing some singles soon… WUDDUP?!!

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