Entry: No 1

Everybody at some point in their lives… some more than others, get to the “fork in the road”. WELL!… let’s just say I’m there again. I take what I do VERY VERY SERIOUSLY I believe i was born to do this (music). But like they so often say, “with the gift comes the blank.” Y’all can fill that in. Up to this point I’ve kinda been lingering in the backseat and trying to navigate my career from there and well… let’s just say that method isn’t very effective. To the point where I’ve been holding back on a lot of creative ideas that I honestly feel the world isn’t and won’t be ready for at least for some time. Well once again, I have to make a choice right? I gotta decided what it is that I’m gonna do. What if I don’t want to decided? What if I decide to just make a new trail? Is that what they call originality or genius or just plain old trail blazing? Only time will tell. For now I’ll just get out the back seat and sit in the driver’s. The most important part of the LONGEST journey, is that VERY FIRST STEP.

Peace y’all…

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