ipod: Pure Genius

As far as I can remember I’ve always craved portable music. Since there was nothing to compare that thirst to, I and countless other ppl ignored what our mind and inner self already wanted. So I packed in as many cassette tapes as I could fit into my book bag on a daily basis in preparation for my day at school or where ever. My sony walkman was GREAT! Then companies came out with portable cd players. Products I never bought because as I walk the cd would hop skip and jump all over the place. I didn’t make sense to me. THEN!, Sony made the cd walkman… AGAIN! I was in love. So I packed my book bag full of cd’s as my daily routine. Then came the mp3 player. Which in my opinion was just like the portable cd player. You only had access to a few albums at a time and would pay ALOT MORE FOR! It just wasn’t worth it. Then I heard of the ipod, which I thought was just another mp3 player. It wasn’t until I held one for the first time and saw the amount of music you can have with me at my finger tips that my way of listening to music changed for the better. The way I stored my music changed (physical to digital as well as organization), the way I listened change. I can now be as spontaneous as I wanted to be. No more “damn I left the cd!”, it was all there! I MEAN IT WAS THERE! My library has always been VERY extensive so up until recent models ipod never held my ENTIRE library, but it held more than enough to keep me satisfied. It takes a special kind of thinking to envision something like this and to that thinker I say “Thank you Steve Jobs”. We almost never send the flowers while they can still smell them smh.

‎”Stay hungry, stay foolish” via Steve Jobs. Such powerful words… RIP Steve Jobs. Some of can only dream of impacting the world the way you have.

1955- 2011

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