NEW MUSIC!! Micheal Moon R.A.N Feat Coyo & Poe Picasso

Just when you thought we left. We came BACK to hit you with another one! Peep the second release from Micheal Moon’s Packing For The Moon EP. The song’s called “Real Ass Nigga” and basically asks the simple question; When you leave this earth how will you be remembered? To help drive the point home, Moon got vocal contributions from Coyo and Poe Picasso over some thumping Architect production. Check it out y’all and keep showing that love y’all always do!!

New Music from C0Y0!!

Peep the newest joint from my homie Coyo. It’s off his upcoming project “Radioactive 2” (he started this way before Yelawolf, shout outs to him… “YELLER!” lol). The song is called “Money & Honor Overall”. This NOT an Architect production but DEFINITELY, Magnum Opus certified lol.

C0Y0: The Plague Mixtape

Y’all need to support my son C0Y0. He dropped his new mixtape “The Plague” today and its available for download >> here <<. U can also take a listen if your reluctant, just so u can see you're gettin some good music.
PS. U can also click the picture to get the tape… and its FREE! so why not?

The Plague

COTN: Where The Wild Things Are

Yo these dudes Children of the Night are doing the damn thing man! I just peeped their new video for the song “Rumpus” off the new mixtape “Where The Wild Things Are” while checking out The Awkward Blog and I must say I’m impressed man. I’ve been a fan of their music and they keep delivering! This is some REAL DOPE HIP HOP ISH RIGHT HERE! Check it out…