J Sharelle Matters Of the Heart Album Art

J Sharelle’s debut project “Matters Of The Heart” produced by me (The Architect) is dropping Aug 30th!! Y’all need to be on the look out for that. She gave this project everything she got, so I hope y’all like it. There are a couple surprises and what not. It also features background, foreground, left-ground, right-ground & Sur-round vocals by Jolisa Shanell lol. In the mean time… here’s the album art (Designed by: J Bottoms aka HERo) check it out and tell me what you think.

In the mean time… just enjoy the singles “It’s Simple” and “I Blew It”…

Mic Blaque – We Alright Feat. Jolisa Shanell Prod By The Architect

A few weeks ago an artist by the name of Mic Blaque dropped his latest mixtape titled “The Twilight Zone”. The mixtape features musical contributions in the form of production by yours truly (The Architect) and background vocals provided by the lovely Jolisa Shanell. Now I am a little late on posting it for y’all to see but that’s due to my busy schedule (as usual lol). Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.