New ISH!!!

I decided to take the driver’s seat in my career and with that I had to make a few decisions. One of which is to build my own studio. On MY OWN PREMISES. I’ve always been in and out of some of the best studios locally. Both in the city and the outer boroughs but have always had to depend of the person with the ‘keys’ to be able to do anything. I was operating on THEIR TIME. Well! not any more. Peep game…

Peep the newest piece of equipment I copped. It’s only a controller but I’m psyched because I’m always on the move and its PERFECT FOR THAT!

So “Operation Zion” has officially begun. I’m gonna build this studio from the inside, out! And that’s my way.

Already putting it to the test. It definitely has something to prove to the rest of the gear. Lol

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